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    Nashwan-Parasound® Arteriosclerosis Therapy

    • Do you suffer from cramps in the lower extremities?
    • Do you feel permanent pressing pain or pins and needles?
    • Has your walking distance decreased?
    • Do you feel numbness in your hands or feet?
    • Are your hands and feet cold?
    • Have you experienced memory problems?
    • Have you experienced buzzing in the ears?
    • Do you feel dizzy?
    • Do you have diabetes?
    • Do you suffer from high blood pressure?
    • Do you have a high cholesterol level?
    • Do you smoke?
    • Are you overweight?
    • Has aortic stenosis occurred in your family?
    • Have you got a stressful life with little movement?

    The Nashwan-Parasound Treatment

    The new method belonging to the category of physiotherapy represents the latest therapy based on scientific evidence. The device treats patients suffering from aortic stenosis through the application of infrasonic, audible, and ultrasonic waves. The device stimulates the collateral blood circulation and, in this way, decreases or terminates the symptoms caused by the weakening of the blood circulation.


    Only 20 days are needed to reach the required results with one treatment per day. One session lasts for 30-40 minutes. The four-week long therapy takes place from Monday to Friday. The treatment is preceded by a medical examination conducted by a specialist. The goal is to screen the health condition of the patient before the actual treatment (Doppler ultrasound). A medical control examination takes place at the end of the four week period so that the health condition of the patient is screened after the treatment and the future course of action is discussed. The treatment is painless.


    The advantages of the treatment:

    • it is painless
    • it can be repeated even after one month
    • it has no harmful effects on the body
    • it can be applied without opening the body
    • it can be employed in outpatient clinics
    • everyday activities can be carried out after the treatments




    If s, do not hesitate to have a specialist examine you. It is possible that you suffer from arteriosclerosis or aortic stenosis. Nashwan-Parasound has already helped thousands of patients.