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  • MARIANN MILE - Physiotherapist

    Sport and dancing have been part of my life since my childhood. I graduated from the Advanced Training Center of the Sport University as sport trainer in the field of Aerobics and Competitive Aerobics in 1999. It was at this time that I had a serious car accident and, as a result, I learnt about the importance of physiotherapy and went to study physiotherapy. I received my diploma in physiotherapy in 2003. Besides the rehabilitation of patients, I have attended several further training courses in the course of the past years.

    In 2017 I underwent hip replacement due to my earlier accident, after which I successfully rehabilitated myself.


    My professional qualification:

    • Fit-ball Instructor-R- med kft.
    • Personal Trainer -IWI
    • Aerial fitness- Aerial Yoga Trainer – Hungarian Acrobats’ Association
    • TRX Sport Rehabilitation trainer -R- med kft.
    • Schroth 3D Scoliosis Therapist-Spin Art
    • dietician M.Sc.
    • Self Myofascial Release-Techniques (SMR)
    • functional perineum muscles gymnastics (Intim Training)
    • Therapist for spinal decompression 2017