Advice on prescription medicines non-prescription products

Due to the TV commercials, the Internet, and other forums, everybody can obtain manifold information about non-prescription drugs, food supplements, homeopathic products, etc.

Reading about the side effects, one is seriously tempted not to start the medication at all.

Frequent side effects affect at least 1 at the most 10 per 100 patients, while rare side effects are experienced in less than 1 per 1000 patients.

It is important to use the appropriate probiotics along a treatment with antibiotics.


Many patients are forced to take anticoagulation and if they also require an analgesic, it is imperative to know which active ingredient the drug may contain.


There are products with side effects occurring at higher risk in case of alcohol consumption, and there are products whose effect is decreased because of alcohol consumption.


The above are but some examples among the numerous information to which members of the health care professions have to call the patients’ attention.

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