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    Balajthy Ramóna / Balajthy Dániel


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  • RAMÓNA BALAJTHY - Specialist Psychologist for Clinical Psychology

    I am Ramóna Balajthy, a clinical psychologist. I have been working with adult clients in private practice since 2019. As a psychologist, it is of paramount importance to create a calm, congenial atmosphere in which my clients can confidently talk about their issues. The psychologist’s main asset is empathy, which allows light to enter even into the darkness of the most difficult periods.


    Psychotherapy can help alleviate relationship problems, crisis situations, workplace conflicts, difficulties associated with life transitions, anxiety symptoms, and self-esteem issues. In my experience, most of the failed problem-solving attempts are related to the grievances and traumas suffered in the past. Therapy can help create a more harmonious, balanced adult life by processing the past traumas.