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    Dr. Bod Emil


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  • DR. EMIL BOD – specialist for cardiology

    Cardiac examinations:

    • ECG reading and assessment
    • ultrasound cardiography using cutting edge technology
    • long-term Holter monitoring (24h)
    • 24h blood pressure measurement (ABPM)
    • stress ECG
    • all heart diseases
    • coronary heart diseases
    • heart muscle diseases
    • heart valve disease
    • cardiac arrhythmia
      Examination and treatment of hypertonia and high cholesterol level
    • health screening for cardiac risk factors
    • medical check-up for managers

    When should you contact a cardiologist?


    In casesof chest pain, rapid and irregular heartbeats, shortness of breath or respiratory distress, swelling of the ankles, high blood pressure, heart attack, or if you need aftercare following a heart surgery.

    If any heart diseases or early cardiac death have occurred in the family or you are exposed to increased stress, you do intensive sport, it is imperative to have a thorough cardiac health check-up and screening for cardiac risk factors.


    EMIL BOD – specialist for internal medicine and cardiology


    I graduated from the Faculty of General Medicine of the Medical University of Debrecen (DOTE) in 1986. Subsequently, I worked in the 3. Department of Internal Medicine of the Kenézy Clinic until 1998. In this time, I took specialist examinations in Internal Medicine in 1992 and in cardiology in 1998 with excellent results. After the specialist examinations, I went to work in the specialist surgery for cardiology of the outpatient clinic and worked there as head physician for Cardiology until December 2013. Since 2014 I have been working in the special surgery for Cardiology and Echocardiography of the Count István Tisza Clinic, besides the private surgery in Debrecen.


    In the past decades, I have obtained relevant experience in the non-invasive examination and treatment of heart diseases. I conduct 3000 echocardiographic examinations and assess thousands of Holter-monitoring, Stress ECG Tests, 24h blood pressure measurements annually. I speak English and I have taken part in numerous international multi-centre clinical trials until this day.

    My main fields of interest include the application of different techniques of Echocardiography and cardiological rehabilitation.


    Gyuláné Somogyi – Chief assistant in Cardiology


    I graduated from László Dienes Medical Vocational Secondary School. Later I acquired a Certificate in ECG Assistant in the same school.

    I studied Department Head’s Assistant with excellent results in 1996-1997, then in 1998-1999 I studied Cardiology Assistant in the Advanced Training Programme of the National Qualifications Register with excellent results

    Initially I worked as Surgical, Internal Medicine and ECG assistant in MÁV surgery.

    Since 1989 I have been working as the chief assistant in the special surgery for Cardiology of the outpatient clinic in Debrecen. I continuously broaden my IT skills, perfecting my knowledge of Word, Excel, Power Point, and different patient registry softwares.