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    A fitness studio different from any other


    Does your back, shoulders, or hip hurt? Perhaps you have herniated disc you have to live with, but you do not know how? In Physiogym we work with physiotherapists and fitness experts together, who help patients and guests with their preventive perspective independent of the size of the problem.


    In the world of sedentary lifestyle, our spinal cord is exposed to increased strain and, in view of the number of guests with spinal issues, the situation is getting worse. The majority of our schedule is taken up by group spinal gymnastics as we have specialized in spinal gymnastics given the increased demand.

    Another popular service among our guests is Aerial Yoga, besides spinal gymnastics. We recommend Aerial Yoga for various spinal issues as certain postures can nicely stretch and ease up the spinal cord with the help of the so-called hammock.


    The wide range of equipment in the sport hall enriches the sessions, be it spinal gymnastics with a fir ball or with TRX equipment. Guest regularly visiting us know that the sessions are no easy ones as the physiotherapist is not exactly known as being gentle.

    In addition to group sessions, it is also possible to choose individual physical training or personal training for those who do not like if the trainer pays attention to others or are disturbed by larger numbers of people.

    Our goal is to improve the lifestyle of our guests and to maintain it over the long run, be it an individual or group training.